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Fabrizio Granero was born in Italy and he studies the art of jewellery creation in Valenza Po, the goldsmith’s capital of the world. Aged twenty, he opens his first jewellery boutique in Montecarlo, Avenue des Beaux Arts, and the international jet set immediately falls in love with his creations. Among his admirers are Princess Caroline of Monaco, Roger Moore, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, the Rossellini and the Douglas families. Royal families such as Savoia of Italy order new jewels or ask for a reinterpretation of their historical pieces.
Granero also creates unique pieces for famous jewellers as Harry Winston and Chaumet.

“Jewels have life in them: they speak and say what words fail off.”

With Granero necklaces become bracelets, brooches turn in pendants or earrings by simply adding or removing one piece. Established in Switzerland, he creates exclusive jewels for his international estimators. His creations are precious and unique because Fabrizio Granero has never followed any trend: his desire is to capture the essence of beauty, the wonder that shapes and colours can awake inside us.